YONAKA – ‘Teach Me To Fight’ EP

Brighton rockers Yonaka are back with the new EP Teach Me To Fight’, their second since 2017’s debut EP ‘Heavy’, which features their best music yet.

Yonaka’s sound is a miscellany of genres – it merges elements of pop, rock, hip-hop, etc, to create the ultimate blend of sound that blesses your ears, and this EP embraces it.

‘Teach Me To Fight’ is a revamp of Yonaka, and suggests they’re heading towards their goal of being the biggest. Theresa spoke to NME last year, stating that Yonaka are “aiming seriously big, the biggest”, and it’s clear that’s exactly what they’re doing. You can hear this ambition in the new EP – it’s powerful, explosive, and it sounds complete for an arena gig.

EP opener ‘Fired Up’ is a killer track – it incorporates all of Yonaka’s different sounds into one to create a remarkable mix of music which is the right start to the new EP and immediately represents the new direction they are heading in.

‘Waves’ follows a more electronic-influenced sound combined with powerful vocals from singer Theresa, whilst title track ‘Teach Me To Fight’ is dynamic song that has a insouciant feel, and is my personal favourite track from the EP.

‘Wish You Were Somebody’, the closing track, feels encouraging to those who’ve walked away from a toxic relationship and is the perfect end to such an empowering EP.

‘Teach Me To Fight’ comes just in time for Yonaka’s huge set on the Festival Republic Stage alongside the likes of Dream Wife, Bad Sounds and The Horrors to name a few at Reading & Leeds festival this weekend.

An EP like this proves that Yonaka really are one of the UK’s most exciting upcoming bands. They have pushed the boundaries and boast a sound which few can come close to perfecting as they’ve done. The songs featured bring out the diversity in their music, which overflows with passion and devotion and is sure to get them to reach their goal of being the biggest

It’s their best release yet, and there’s only better things to come for the Brighton quartet.

Listen to ‘Teach Me To Fight’ here

Get tickets for Yonaka’s upcoming gig at Electric Ballroom, London, on October 11th here

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