YVES – ‘Where Do We Go from Here?’

YVES are back with a new single, ‘Where Do We Go from Here?’, a follow up to ‘Hell from Your Hello’ released earlier this year.

The Swindon group have been releasing music since 2016, but have recently developed their sound into a darker, more intense one after taking a different approach with it.

‘Where Do We Go from Here?’ is a bold track which boasts a newfound sense of maturity in YVES’ music. Their influences are more prominent in this track too – the effects used on the guitars produce a raw, gritty sound that is similar to what you’d hear Queens of the Stone Age, one of their influences, using.

It’s clear YVES have come a long way in the space of just 2 years with their sound, and ‘Where Do We Go from Here?’ is the perfect example of the new darker rock sound the band have adopted.

YVES have pulled it out of the bag yet again with this track, and there’s only more exciting things to come from them.

Listen to ‘Where Do We Go from Here?’ here

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