‘Thursday’ – The new single from CITRUS

It wasn’t long ago when Basingstoke-bred band Citrus released their debut single ‘Takeout’. ‘Thursday’ is the follow up to the sweet, melodious tune.

A song detailing the boredom that can come with growing up in a small town you can’t seem to escape from, ‘Thursday’ is a song for those who’ve had similar experiences to the band. Anyone who, like them, follows the same pessimistic outlook on their hometown and wishes to leave can easily relate to the track.

It is their middle finger to the expectations of uni and stable careers over doing something you love which doesn’t fit that standard.

The upbeat melody of this tune contrasts with the meaning behind the captivating lyrics, but it works. The instrumental itself is stunning – the guitar riffs weave in and out of each other in sync with the strong bass line and it is effective. Top this with frontwoman Daisy’s distinct vocals and it creates a unique mix of pure perfection. It is full of energy, and is one of those songs that can keep you going.

Citrus’ music is refreshing, their sound is accomplished, and they are one of the most exciting upcoming bands at the moment. They stand out, and are a band you will remember.

Listen to ‘Thursday’ here

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