VINYL STAIRCASE – ‘Feel It’ – The latest single

Vinyl Staircase are back with their latest track ‘Feel It’, a follow up from their self-titled debut EP released a few months prior to this.

Produced by Superfood’s Dom Ganderton, ‘Feel It’ holds a psychedelic sound infused with indulgent guitar riffs. The band’s usual music follows the heavy indie style, but this track changes that slightly, following a more grungy rock sound. Upon listening, Baby Strange vibes are instantly given off, with this song reminding of their debut album, just a bit calmer.

The production of it is impressively clean & professional, and pleasing to the ears. It is euphoric and sticks in your mind with the catchy, repetitive lyrics and heavy guitars.

Vinyl Staircase have racked up a good record of gigs recently, previously playing with artists such as Swim Deep, Sunflower Bean, Bloody Knees, and 2018 Mercury Prize winners Wolf Alice. It showcases just how impressive the stack of artists they have played with is, and how experienced they are in terms of gigging.

‘Feel It’ comes just on time for their biggest London headline show to date, taking place next Friday at The Lexington before they embark on tour supporting Annabel Allum, playing in cities like Glasgow, Bristol, Brighton and Liverpool. The next few weeks will be hectic for the band with the prospect of the headline show and support tour looming, which will see the new song played to unfamiliar audiences and broaden their following.

Tickets for their headline show can be purchased here

Listen to ‘Feel It’ here

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