SWMRS release new single ‘April in Houston’ and announce their latest album

SWMRS have made their long-awaited comeback with a huge album and UK/EU tour announcement to succeed 2016’s debut ‘Drive North’.

Picture by Phoebe Fox

The energetic punk rock quartet take it down a notch in energy for ‘April in Houston’, the second single to be uncovered from the new album ‘Berkeley’s on Fire’ which premiered as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’ on Wednesday.

Speaking to Annie over the phone, lead singer Cole Becker discussed how the song came about. Painting a clear image, he explained how a train blowing up next to a venue they were sound checking in in Houston triggered thoughts about growing up and moving forward with their music careers and ambitions. These thoughts eventually developed into ‘April in Houston’ and seeped into the rest of the new album.

It’s the most mature song the band have composed yet and it sets the vision straight for the new path the band are heading down.

One thing that has stood out and especially inspired the new album lyrically is living in 2018. It’s an odd time, with an abundance of strange things happening, but being able to travel and share the sentiment with a lot of people opened Becker’s eyes up to what he describes as the ‘incredible strangeness’ of being alive in this weird time. A lot of the songs are about that surreal feeling of the world essentially exploding around you and the hope you receive by meeting other like-minded and forward-thinking people that something new and beautiful may emerge from it all.

‘Berkeley’s on Fire’ is a record for the youth in a time of fear and confusion. It is indeed a strange time to be young, and the record sets out to create a space away from all the non-stop negativity you see in the media nowadays. It’ll sure make waves in the music scene when it’s released next February, and we cannot wait to see the impact of it.

SWMRS new album ‘Berkeley’s on Fire’ will be released on Feb 15th by Fueled By Ramen, and you can pre order it here.


  1. Berkeley’s on Fire
  2. Too Much Coffee
  3. Trashbag Baby
  4. Lose Lose Lose
  5. April in Houston
  6. Lonely Ghosts
  7. IKEA Date
  8. Hellboy
  9. Bad Allergies
  10. Steve Got Robbed

Listen to ‘April in Houston’ here.

You can buy tickets for SWMRS upcoming tour at swmrs.com

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