New Release – ‘Headstrong’ – The Manatees

Okay so, I’m a northern girl born and bred and growing up in Manchester I’ve been very bias in that it’s produced some of the best music, ever. However, and this isn’t the part of me that spent three years living in Southampton, I can’t deny that the South Coast is currently producing some of the best indie-pop available to our very, very lucky ears right now.

The Manatees

With their previous single receiving praise from the likes of Huw Stevens (BBC Radio 1), Steve Lamaq (BBC Radio 6) and John Kennedy (Radio X), The Manatee’s new single ‘Headstrong’ combines everything from your favourite 90’s Britpop classics and contemporary indie classics to offer an insight into todays society, from the toxicity of modern day news outlets to the lies we’re sold from online influencers. The Southampton-based foursome described their newest work as “an angsty confession of the self-doubt and distrust that current media outlets create within us; whether that be Instagram models who never seem to suffer a bad day, or a constant stream of click bait and fake news that leaves us not knowing to believe.”

If you’re a fan of The Strokes, Kings of Leon and Spring King (a special shout out to their former frontman Tarek Musa, who mixed ‘Headstrong’) then you’re going to love this new release, available today (19th July) on all major streaming platform.

You can listen to ‘Headstrong’ here

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