ALBUM REVIEW: Tame Impala returns with signature sound in ‘The Slow Rush’.

There’s always been something very timeless about Tame Impala – ‘Currents’ came out a five years ago but has become such a classic it almost feels like it’s been around decades.

Kevin Parker’s signature sound – heavy base guitar and echoed vocals has never changed and certainly hasn’t for new release ‘The Slow Rush’. His first release in four years Patience, a track that doesn’t actually feature on the album, kickstarted a lot of anticipation last spring.

First track One More Year is classic Tame Impala, if you’re a fan – you’ll feel right at home, not necessarily different to Parker’s previous work, it fits as a perfect album opener, with a longer intro and hopeful, reminiscent lyrics.

The first few songs of the album, including recent single Posthumous Forgiveness are admittedly, like One More Year, very Tame Impala-esque and carry on in a way from each other that doesn’t make you notice the track has changed. Some artists would be criticised for this but it has always been a big part of Tame Impala’s charm. However, Tommorow’s Dust, track six, instantly snaps you out of the trance with a combination of 70’s like funk, and acoustic guitar, which I understand yes, does sound very odd in writing, but it works.

Lost In Yesterday, opposed to Tomorrow’s Dusts 70’s vibe – channels a much more 80’s pop sound, especially in the beginning, as does penultimate track Glimmer.

The Slow Rush’s final track One More Hour sends the album out on an undeniably epic, and with sudden switches from quiet but quick piano to heavy drums and guitar, theatrical note.

The new album is no big, noticeable change from Tame Impala’s previous work – but that’s probably not what fans expected, or wanted. He’s an artist with as previously mentioned, a very specific sound – a sound that doesn’t age and has inspired, but never been easily replicated by a number of different artists, and it works for him, every time.


Listen to ‘The Slow Rush’ here.

You can find Tame Impala on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Spotify.

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