LIVE REVIEW: Inhaler @ Concorde 2, Brighton – 17.02.2020

Inhaler are a band you need to know.

Having only completed their debut UK headline tour in October (which sold out), including a show at Komedia Brighton, the band played to a sold out the 600-capacity Concorde 2 on Monday night and have recently announced a string of festival slots for the summer. It’s impressive for a band who’ve only been around for a couple of years, but hearing their music and witnessing one of their live performances makes you realise why they have the well-deserved hype at the moment.

The band are one of the few that have recently come from Dublin’s thriving music scene. Bands like The Murder Capital, Whenyoung and Fontaines D.C are all bands making a wave in the scene at the moment, and Inhaler are the latest to ride that wave.

Support comes from Coventry’s Feet. It seems like the majority of the crowd already know the band and sing along to their songs, including hits ‘English Weather’ and ‘Petty Thieving’. The band sure know how to get a crowd warmed up, with many dancing by the end of the set, ready for Inhaler to grace the stage. Anyone there who wasn’t familiar with the band before will definitely be streaming the band after them putting on such a performance.


Kicking of the 10-song set with the unreleased ‘When I’m With You’, the band immediately command the stage and from the get-go the crowd are loving it, desperately waiting for what is yet to come. The next song ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ is what gets the pits opened at the front and those there clambering on each other’s shoulders. The energy levels stay high for the rest of the gig, amplifying as the set carries on. Between songs, frontman Elijah Hewson is introducing each band member and checking up on the boisterous crowd to make sure everyone is still good.

Guitarist Josh Jenkinson (left) and lead singer Elijah Hewson

‘A Night on the Floor’ is one of the new songs played throughout the set from the upcoming debut album. This one especially is loud, with soaring indie-rock melodies and the classic Inhaler sound they have established. The crowd responds positively to the new tracks played, keeping up the same energy levels they have for the singles, and it gives you a good sense of how well-received the album is going to be.

Latest release We Have To Move Onis met with a huge cheer, and seems to be one of the crowd’s favourites. The band have previously said how they have been inspired by 80s bands such as The Stone Roses, Depeche Mode and New Order, and these influences are prominent in this track.

At times, it feels like you are witnessing one of those classic ‘I wish I was there’ gigs that people will still be talking about in years to come. You can’t help but sing along to the infectious melodies and pick up on the energy of the crowd at the front.

Towards the end, the band slow it down with ‘There’s No Other Place’. Robert Keating’s punchy bass lines compliment Josh Jenkinson’s captivating, intricate guitar riffs and Hewson’s soft vocals in this track. Meanwhile, drummer Ryan McMahon keeps all of this in time. These intertwined together really showcase the quartet’s talent and passion for their music – everything is well-polished and it pulls you in.

Lead singer Elijah Hewson with bassist Robert Keating (right)

The band close the phenomenal set with the classic My Honest Face’. This sees the band off in the best way, with the crowd going at it for one last time, screaming the lyrics back. It’s a fiery track with an addictive chorus that seems to be the most popular single and a great closer for such a powerful set.

It is clear Inhaler won’t be playing in venues this size for much longer. The gig was a great showcase of how great they are and the band’s confidence shows they’ll be dominating larger stages in no time. It is fair to say they have earned their incredible reputation and there are still better things to come from this.

GALLERY BELOW: (Photos by Katie McLellan-Salisbury)

You can follow Inhaler on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.

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