Lucy Bernardez makes her comeback with new single “Tomorrow”

I started out in the Southampton scene a few years after Lucy Bernardez did and quickly found the name she had worked for herself. Having heard of her so quickly, it took me an oddly long amount of time to catch her live, I’d think at least a year. Two years ago she released her debut EP: ‘All Subsidies’, an exquisite, intimate and gorgeously produced EP that had me in awe and very impressed. Her new single ‘Tomorrow’ comes after nearly two years, and continues the sound she produced in her debut EP in an even more mature and unique way.

‘Tomorrow’ mixes tender folk pop, an electric guitar nirvana, atmospheric rhythm section and tender poetic lyrics to create a tasteful and original sound. Bernardez seems to fully understand the power of a hook and mixes it wisely with chords, ensuring it reappears at key moments throughout the song and provides a dynamic mixture of movements for the listener to hook onto. Stabbing driven guitars, provide an anthem like quality that pushes this song past the standard singer songwriter ballad and into an encompassing auditory experience.

The backing behind Lucy pulls toward a more pop rock/folk rock fusion but her vocals tend to lean the other way, bringing soothing, thoughtful and well delivered melody. The songs lyrics provide the song with an impressive re-listenability and it feels as though you have to fully know each note of the arrangement before the lyrics and vocals open up to be fully enjoyed.

In conclusion, Lucy Bernardez’ return to recorded music has shown herself to have lost little, and gained a lot in her time away from the studio. In arrangement and performance she has already shown herself to be an able and unique songwriter and her new single has further carved herself a deeper and more personal sound.


You can stream Tomorrow at the following links: Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp

Lucy Bernardez will also be going on tour next month around the UK at the following venues:

April 2020

26thOxford – The Jam Factory

27thManchester – The Flour and Flagon

28th Leicester -The SoundHouse

29thBirmingham – 1000 Trades

May 2020

1stBristol – The Ropewalk

All shows are Free Entry

Follow Lucy Bernardez on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify & Apple Music

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