FEATURE: The Clockworks

Formed in Galway and relocating to London in 2019, The Clockworks have been offering an alternative voice on the Irish punk bands that have been emerging from Ireland and defining the post-punk wave over the last few years. The Clockworks have a much more explicit, ‘kitchen sink’, alternative-punk sound; largely being attributed to their vocalist, James McGregor and their relatively ‘cleaner’ guitars being the foundation of their alt-punk sonic.

Releasing their sixth successive single, Feels So Real certifies their identity with their unmistakably clear, borderline ‘spoken-word’ vocal style. Solid, punchy guitar riffs and chord progressions accompanied by musically intense drums work alongside McGregor’s vocals, establishing this impressive musical identity amongst their collection of released singles.

Photographer: Nicholas O’Donnell

Their strong presence has not only been noticed in their singles; The Clockworks have been praised widely over the last couple of years, with a performance on Soccer AM, praise from multiple music magazines, notably being compared to Madness by ‘This Feeling’, and most influentially, Alan McGee’s comments of their performance. The band signed to McGee’s label ‘Creation23’ after arriving in London in early 2019, with their growth in popularity rising quickly since their move.

You can listen to Feels So Real here.

Follow The Clockworks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify & Apple Music.

Featured Image: Oscar J Ryan

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