Today (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility. It is important that everyday we recognise and support our trans friends.

Although the acknowledgment of trans-men and -women has become increasingly recognised in the past decade (with #TransDayOfVisibility first taking place in 2009), it still has not become widely accepted in our world, including the music industry. Whether one may be non-binary, transgender or transexual, our need to support those who are currently discriminated against must carry on until complete equality exists, and transphobia no longer occurs. Simply supporting those on a social platform who voice their opinions via art, speeches, tweets or any other form of public address is the easiest way to give visibility to the trans community.

In celebration of #TransDayOfVisibility, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favourite artists who you should be listening to, and should be supporting. Every artist featured below has their Spotify accounts linked. You can also listen to our TDOV playlist here.

100 GECS | Our Pick hand crushed by a mallet


Katie Dey | Our Pick Only To Trip and Fall Down Again

Dyke Drama | Our Pick Crying In A Bathroom Stall

Ezra Furman | Our Pick Rated R Crusaders

Kim Petras | Our Pick Heart To Break

Bug Teeth | Our Pick Serotonin

teddy<3 | Our Pick Body and Soul

Pigeon Pit | Our Pick F.M.I.D.

Dorian Electra | Our Pick Give Great Thanks

You can also find our playlist below.

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