FEATURE: Drug Store Romeos

Earlier this week, the Fleet three-piece announced their debut album, The world within our bedrooms. A fitting album name, with all singles from Now You’re Moving (released in 2019), to their latest release What’s On Your Mind having a velvet-smooth indie-pop synth backdrop and intimate vocals defining Drug Store Romeos’ signature sound.

What’s On Your Mind fits in perfectly within their single-heavy discography; a lethargic rhythm accompanying a wavering synth encapsulates the album’s title, with the sonic-image of lying in a dimly lit bedroom on a rainy-autumn day dominating the track. The sound of where the trio had written these singles (in their bedrooms) has stunningly transferred into the strong and unique images from the inclusion and fusion of bass, synths and vocals. With this sound (and the album release looming) we can all predict the overall tone of their current releases to seep into their album tracklist. 

Drug Store Romeos’ debut will be released on the 25th of June, with a headline show at Scala to perform The world within our bedrooms on the 17th of November.

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Featured image: Erin Hambly

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