March was an incredible month for new music, and in light of all the new singles, EPs and LPs released in March, we have compiled our top five favourite records from the month of March, although we have put an emphasis on smaller/upcoming artists included in our selection. You can listen to our new music from March playlist here.

Every month we will round up our favourite five records, for March 2021, the following records (in no particular order) are our favourites.



Proving that quality comes way before quantity, Aziya has quickly built up a strong reputation online with her music over the last year. Her indie-psych and alt-rock blend (particularly in her guitar production) establishes such a fresh, raw sound that sets her aside (and far in front) of similar artists. Her debut single Slip! along with collaborations with H.E.R. over livestream has given Aziya an unusual (but exceptionally) strong foundation to project from.

Bull Discover Effortless Living

An album (and band) mentioned a lot within the month of March by us, with their single Eugene being our ‘Record of the Day’ early in the month, on top of an interview and a highly praised album review, Bull have become a future indie heavyweight with their debut album Discover Effortless Living. The York band’s playful tone, mixed with their complex melodies and composition generally, mixed again with their miscellaneous (but tonally vital tracks) has resulted in an extremely detailed debut album.

Matilda ColeStay Awake

A dreamy and mellow indie-pop tune. Matilda Cole has gravitated to a slight lo-fi sound, resembling the style and sound of Clairo. Although instantly recognisable as her own work though, Matilda Cole blends a catchy vocal-line, floating synths and heavy drum machines into her latest single Stay Awake

Matilda Cole Stay Awake

Alewya & Moses Boyd The Code

The seamless and smooth collaborative single between Alewya and Moses Boyd keeps all elements simple, but with Moses Boyd’s musical direction and complementing drum backing and the prominence of the bass guitar, Alewya’s vocals are projected forward into a rhythmically dominating new track.

Alewya & Moses Boyd The Code

Courting Grand National

The indie-rock anthem of the month. Courting have given us a perpetually ‘moshable’ single that executes every classic element of the indie-rock set up to perfection. A whacky lead riff, crunchy rhythm guitar, a punchy bass line and crashing drums, all synced into a pile-driver single. Not to mention the humorous but critical social-commentary lyrics.

CourtingGrand National

Listen to our new music from March playlist here.

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