FEATURE: James Burt

Nottingham’s music-student pop-prodigy has released a second lockdown single to take us back to the 80s. James Burt’s latest single Heartbreak High is a fresh new track following on from his BBC Introducing showcased debut track Dance In The Rain back in November last year.

Despite co-producing Dance In The Rain with LIPA’s Al Groves, James has managed to articulate the production from his former single into Heartbreak High; a track that was recorded and produced at home by James himself. Production of his latest single is somewhat stronger, more defined and personalised to James, with his Simmons-sounding reverb-tails and chugging bass-synth. Heartbreak High is a modern take of some of the signature sounds from the 80s. 

Burt has undoubtably found his feet with Heartbreak High; all elements are so well-certified and cohesive musically and compliment the production style adopted. Solely composing, recording and producing a track has worked in James’ favour greatly, with his style cutting through so clearly musically, as well as visually. Isolation not only removed the possibility of collaborating with producers, but also photographers and videographers. The music video to Heartbreak High is a further example of James’ talents as an artist in general, with the photographs and music video directed and taken by himself. 

The music video for Heartbreak High is being released next Friday!

You can listen to Heartbreak High here.

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