TRACK-BY-TRACK EP REVIEW – Ten Hands High – Sweet EP

Ten Hands High have been categorising the life of their band in phases, with ‘phase three’ now in full swing thanks to the brand-new release of their debut EP, Sweet EP. The phases of Ten Hands High have come to define and establish their sound, with phase three certifying their musical route down guitar-based rhythm n’ blues. 


Sweet (the track) was the first single released for the Sweet EP, (debuting earlier this year), telling ‘chapter one’ of the Sweet EP. A visual-sonic combination is never usually so quickly established within a record, but Ten Hands High instantly drop us back into their experimental-sounding rhythm n’ blues EP with silky smooth guitars and funky drums. Precision over the guitar tones have been executed perfectly for the music Ten Hands High have successfully made. ‘Can you tell me why I feel nothing?’ is the central, juxtaposing lyrical of Sweet; constructing the guitar tones into a major tone, to be forever contrasted by the lyrics foreshadows the ending of this record.


Contrasting is now out the window – 2.28am instantly matches lyrics with music. Flowing into the song with drowning synthesis, then transitioning into a melancholic 4/4 drumbeat and muffled bass strips the track down to Ten Hands High newly found ‘bare-bones’. Within two tracks, Ten Hands High’s versatile musicianship is established.


Ten Hands High’s newest single, nevermind, featured in our ‘Record Of The Day’ last month. 

Chapter three of the Sweet EP and the summer sounds of Ten Hands High are (almost) restored. Guitars are peppered from left to right, with so much going on; Ten Hands High embody the modern-take of rhythm n’ blues in a stripped back, classic indie-rock set-up, perfectly. Whilst the drumbeat, bassline and guitar riffs are driving the song, a slight influence of the infamous Loyle Carner/Tom Misch pairing slips in during the (debatable) bridge; with nevermind growing in intensity, the guitar-tones root the Sweet EP and Ten Hands High in their adoption of rhythm n’ blues.


The drums are swinging, and the love is back; Style concludes the story of heartbreak with its polar opposite: love. Style is the lazy-summer, sunset soundtrack of 2021; the drumbeat remains consistent, and the guitars are drowned in heart-warming reverb – everything is now at ease. Ten Hands High’s writing and musicianship is refreshingly predictable in every track, but particularly in nevermind and Style, both tracks build and build to the pinnacle of happiness.

You can listen to ‘Sweet’ here.

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4 Stars

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