The Hertfordshire one-woman band has returned with her first-single of 2021, Enemy, coming five years after the release of her debut album Tension and Release

Artwork for Byfyn’s new single Enemy.

Byfyn began with, and has returned to feature on Rising Sun Collective’s second mixtape (to be released next Friday). Her new track has been written specifically for this compilation, and features alongside artists such as LynksChevy Blazer and Crushed Beaks.

Pre-order the new mixtape on Bandcamp and read about the Rising Sun Collective project.

Byfyn is an artist who submerges herself in explicit synth-pop tracks, often with melancholic tones, whether they be from synth or vocal melodies. Enemy follows suit of her previous work, with musical rigidness running parallel to Byfyn’s lyrical meaning; whilst all being set in the heart of dream-synth pop.

In its purest expression, Enemy is the truest reflection Byfyn could’ve communicated the idea of self-sabotage, and Byfyn’s direct expression to her unwanted ‘shoulder devil’ . “I didn’t realise or question what I was truly expressing until I had finished [the track]” Byfyn quotes; although fitting of the ‘emo’ theme given by Rising Sun dominates, being ‘emotional’ or angry with oneself is an idea not usually expressed with such purity or simplicity, but Enemy (being written in “one sitting”) communicates Byfyn’s inner-saboteur with musical and lyrical restriction for the most part of the track. The track then spirals into an inner realisation: the tempo increases, chaos emerges and all layers pile-up into one final summarisation of Byfyn’s self-discontent felt at the time of writing. A true masterpiece of organic creation. 

Watch the music video for Enemy below:

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Photo Credit: Jan Solberg

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