FEATURE: Georgie Wells

Georgie Wells musicianship is second-to-none; with a background in contemporary and classical vocal training, and having studied music, Georgie has used her knowledge and experience to compose a huge, diverse range of songs covering multiple genres. Influences of jazz and pop lie at the foundation of a large majority of her tracks. 

Her brand-new single, Heavy Breathing is a modern synth-pop track, jammed with a repetitive and catchy hook. Georgie Wells has perfected a balance between the context of lyricism, and her pop influences that have been injected into the movements between synth-pop and club-classic sounds in Heavy Breathing. With such an in-depth knowledge of music, Georgie Wells’ writing process is set-up for success no-matter the context of lyrics or direction of genre. Her studies in music have set an extremely strong basis to compose in any style; listening to some of her other tracks like Build It Up and Worth It For You, synthesisers and other electronic instruments do not even make an appearance, yet, as presumed, her vocals (rightly so) remain the centre-point.

With Georgie Wells sitting on around 100 unreleased tracks of about the same number of genres, her musicianship is notably broad, but with her professional vocal training, her voice remains the epicentre of every song she writes; with one straight vocal track, or Georgie providing backing vocals for herself, every song is rooted to the ability of her voice and explicitly and relatability of her lyrics.

Georgie Wells’ brand new single Heavy Breathing

Listen to Georgie Wells’ brand new single ‘Heavy Breathing’ here.

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