TRACK-BY-TRACK EP Review: The Novus – Thaleia Standing

The Novus’ debut EP, Thaleia Standing sets up a perpetual state of tension in classic punk-distaste. With reference to Thaleia, the Greek Goddess of comedy and idyllic poetry, the implicitly of lyrics and the ‘personification of the mask’ remain the focal points explicitly given to the debut EP.

I Serve Not

The opening track, I Serve Not, was recently our ‘Record Of The Day’; confidence oozes from the opening clicks, with The Novus in control from the offset, with commands to ignore the government and all those that support them. With the traditional Punk anti-government stance contained within I Serve Not (and from here on in), the release of I Serve Not in April gave the The Novus the strongest of foundations to release the Thaleia Standing EP on.

Watch the two alternative music videos to I Serve Not below:

Hate Is The Cancer

The first unreleased track on the EP is Hate Is The Cancer. In true The Novus style, a lengthy instrumental forebodes the direction of the track. Tyla (bass) is able to set up the classic ‘punk anger’ with the rambling and unsettling bass twanging continuously throughout the track. With Tyla, Thomas (guitar), Euan (drums) and Connor (vocals), punk is ramped up to maximum – the Thaleia Standing EP is effortlessly growing track by track.


Maximum punk carries on – Overdriven is overdriven initially, but follows into a tense, but emptier, verse. Gritty guitar riffs drive the track into an eventually defined ‘overdriven’ state of anger, with the bridge being the point beyond no return: guitars, drums, bass all collide into a state of chaos, as a result of the effects of our governmental state.

Photo Credit: Max Auberon


The Novus’ latest single, Castaway is a sonically ‘softer’ track, hinted by its introduction, but the importance of anti-conformity and everything alike creeps in: “but you’re just another, another, another”. Castaway, although initially tamer, the angst of lyrics Castaway contains is embedded in parallel with The Novus’ guitar layering.

Watch the music video for Castaway below:

Journey With No End

A turn in style, no defining instrumental introduces the final track – instead we hear Connor ring out: “The cool black waves, they sweep me away. The darkness of the night that swallows my life. Am I put together just to be torn apart? I don’t know, I don’t know, I. Don’t. Know”. Although the instrumental may not be present, the Thaleia focal point and musicianship of The Novus explores an alternative expression.

The Novus’ Thaleia Standing EP is to be released tomorrow.

Visit The NovusOfficial Website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music.

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