FEATURE: Luna Blue

Uprising Brighton four-piece, Luna Blue have been busy over the last year, filling up empty live gig spots with livestreams and covers, raising hundreds for multiple different charities such as Help The Homeless, Save Our Venues and Animals Asia. Now the band return with their brand-new track Heavens Gate, the second release of a visually and sonically, bright and sparkling set of singles, with their third single Run To Tomorrow set for release this August.

Photo by (our own) Indy Brewer

Heavens Gate tells an explicit story of the yearning to enter ‘heaven’s gates’, Luna Blue’s lyrics draw parallels with the desire to leave a situation (or place) and enter somewhere where the ‘grass is greener’ (hinting towards something we’ve all been stuck in for what seems like forever). Luna Blue’s brand-new track includes multiple experimental production elements: a tinny, reverberant introduction, flowing into the main body with a growing, growling bass, layered with whacky, Everything Everything-style vocals. Despite an experimental/unique instrumental, Luna Blue have pinned themselves down to a summer-y, alt-indie style, defined by the tones of their guitar and drum layers.

Luna Blue – Heavens Gate

Luna Blue are gearing up for their ‘Run To Tomorrow Tour’ this August, with headline slots for their shows in Hertfordshire, Brighton and others. The full list of tour dates are listed below:

The Horn (St Albans) – 4th August

Hoxton Underbelly (London) – 7th August

Tribfest (Yorkshire) – 21st August

Annabels Plymouth (Devon) – 26th August

AmpRock (Bedford) – 4th September

Komedia (Brighton) – 11th September

Off The Record Festival (Brighton) – 13th November

Visit Luna Blue’s Official Website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Spotify & Soundcloud.

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