In celebration of all the art and music our LGBTQ+ friends make, as well as the courage they have to be openly supportive and a part of the LGBTQ+ community despite masses or homophobia and transphobia still present in our culture today, we have rounded up 25 of our favourite LGBTQ+ artists and bands.

All artists and bands below have their Spotify linked, along with our favourite song of theirs. Alternatively, you can check out our ‘LGBTQ’ playlist here.

Walt Disco | Our pick – Cut Your Hair

Lynks | Our pick – How to Be Successful

PVA | Our pick – Sleek Form

Art School Girlfriend | Our pick – Softer Side

100 gecs | Our pick – ringtone

girl in red | Our pick – Serotonin

SOPHIE | Our pick – UNISIL

GIRLI | Our pick – More Than a Friend

Kim Petras | Our pick – SugarCrash!

King Princess | Our pick – House Burn Down

Witch Fever | Our pick – Reincarnate

Trash Boat | Our pick – Don’t You Feel Amazing?

The Regrettes | Our pick – California Friends

Queen Zee | Our pick – Sissy Fists

Happyness | Our pick – Vegetable

Dream Wife | Our pick – Hasta La Vista

Crywank | Our pick – Memento Mori

Courtney Barnett | Our pick – Don’t Do It

Blood Orange | Our pick – Blood Orange

Car Seat Headrest | Our pick – Bodys

Christine and the Queens | Our pick – Je disparais dans tes bras

The Drums | Our pick – Money

Dyke Drama | Our pick – Crying In A Bathroom Stall

The Aces | Our pick – My Phone is Trying to Kill Me

Marika Hackman | Our pick – Playground Love

Listen to our LGBTQ+ playlist here.

Happy Pride Month from About That Record x.

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