Empowerment, energy, electricity; the new YONAKA mixtape is one of the most action-packed collection of songs released this year. Seize the Power contains eight tracks; released with the Raise Your Glass EP, four brand new tracks are filled with as much fuel as those prior released singles. The four-piece Brighton electric-rock band have taken an extremely refreshing take, releasing a short album (or long EP) that has an incredible use of heavy guitars and irresistible tones from synths and vocals from start to finish, making it a clear stand-out in its genre.

Photo Credit: Dave East


The second single released in the run up to YONAKA’s latest mixtape, Ordinary, has powerfully defined layers that build with a pumping tension, resolved in the chorus. No gap is left unfilled at any point, with overdriven guitars being the main attraction throughout the majority of this single. The breakdown follows into an EDM-rock blend, competing with Enter Shikari’s sound. YONAKA cover every base from the first track of this mixtape.

Seize the Power

Theresa’s vocals in Seize the Power are more explicit and direct; the empowerment is being shouted at you with a rasp, gripping alongside smashes of electronic drums as well as the cohesive, tense tones of the reverberant vocal chorus and piano ripples. YONAKA seem to perfect such a distinct set of varying genres into one amazing style that is set to the lyrics of the focal point of the album, empowerment.

Get Out

YONAKA’s first brand new single on the mixtape, Get Out, pounds with bass, alongside the EDM-style that is infused into YONAKA’s instrumentation, giving us another track that is driven with such a pure tone of what the mixtape has been created on, empowerment.

Photo Credit: Dave East

Raise Your Glass

Previously featured as our ‘Record Of The Day’, Raise Your Glass takes YONAKA in a different direction, with a much simpler, more predictable flow, despite the electricity from synth pads providing a tone current that ties YONAKA into a cohesive tone. Despite the differences in style, everything in Raise Your Glass dives so deep into the strength of power that YONAKA communicate.

Clique (Featuring Jason 333)

Ringing in to another brand new track off of the mixtape, “Get the fuck, out my face, I’m not part of your clique” repeats with such intensity alongside the previously mentioned overdriven guitars. Clique has such a cheek and care-free attitude, translating into their (now) heavily established arrangement – the Seize The Power mixtape is demonstrating YONAKA in their best, intense, way.


Greedy moves into a much groovier/club-classic vibe, in a relatively laid-back tone. This new track is one of the most creative on the mixtape; combining all previous aspects of not having a silent moment, a constant, building tension and this blend of mismatching styles further combines itself with an exceptional vocal track in terms of Theresa’s capabilities, and the haunting nature that the effects come to have.

Photo Credit: Jade Jackman

Call Me A Saint

A less adventurous previous release, but nonetheless, Call Me A Saint is a perfect example of the foundation that YONAKA lay for themselves. Call Me A Saint runs parallel to Seize The Power, the confidence manifests its every drop, breakdown, and every repeat of the chorus; YONAKA possess such an organic flow and ability to blend the seemingly impossible together, to create hit after hit.


The face-value self-proclaimed arrogance of the final track contrasts with the stripped back arrangement of YONAKA. However, the empowerment that YONAKA communicates still cuts through, despite a tone that is somewhat melancholic; the production still fills every corner and crack of the sound field, passion and determination sits at the back of the mind, and emotion (from a widely different arrangement) pours out effortlessly into the front. A truly different track for YONAKA, but the result of every track articulates its different ideas so strongly and powerfully with such a cohesive undertone, that its almost irrelevant how YONAKA write their music – the result is always so powerful.

Listen to ‘Seize the Power’ here.

Visit YONAKA’s Official Website and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Apple Music.

Featured Image: Jade Jackman

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