ALBUM REVIEW: Silvertwin – Silvertwin

Believe it or not, the self-titled album from Silvertwin is their debut album. With such elegance, sonic consistency and certainty in their compositional and lyrical capabilities, Silvertwin have a truly stunning debut album to share with us. With frontman Isaac Shalam behind the genius of Silvertwin, the debut album encapsulates his extremely strong and present influences throughout.

Photo Credit: Adam Warren

Silvertwin have been teasing us with their music since March this year, with the EP Ploy showcasing their instantly catchy style. With this EP (and single) release, the first sound Silvertwin treated us to was their ice cold keyboard, running low in almost every track of this album. The keyboard sets off a rarely heard sound, surrounding the ‘indie’ genre. Despite its chill, the complements from a steady drum beat and strings set up a unique dimension for Silvertwin to propel themselves from.

The debuting from Silvertwin with Ploy also came with tracks Doubted and Promises, both topping off and certifying Silvertwin’s direction with very quirky guitar solos and romanticising lyrics. Promises falls into a ballard-type style, with slow, heartfelt, rich vocal production and guitar tones alongside precussive miscellaneous sparkles.

Later single The Night Is OursSaviour and You Only brings in the 60s/70s/80s blend between guitars, drums and bass, giving an authentic groovy tone to each track. These three singles are further perfect examples of the romanticised addressal lyricism to what seems a persistent character in the Silvertwin story.

Photo Credit: Adam Warren

Its respectable to see how Silvertwin connect a large instrumentation and range of styles into something that is perfectly constructed no matter how melancholic of up-beat the context may be. Although Silvertwin draw similarities to The Lemon Twigs and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, energy is more organically drawn together and appropriately boosted. I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore and Driving Me Wild are persistently contemporary and careful in their articulation, the stories told are solely dictated and felt by their instrumentation more than the overuse and reliability of post-production. Even with tracks at the more up-beat end of the spectrum such as Love Me Hate Me and Take Me On, the core of Silvertwin shines through, despite the context of these tracks.

Silvertwin are headlining the Sebright Arms on the 5th August, get your tickets here.

Visit Silvertwin’s Official Website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music.

Featured Image: Adam Warren

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