TRACK-BY-TRACK EP REVIEW: Emilia Tarrant – Honeymoon Phase

Rising alt-pop singer-songwriter Emilia Tarrant today releases her brand new, four-track debut EP Honeymoon Phase. The 19-year-old Winchester-born musician found songwriting to become a ‘second-nature’ to her after growing up learning piano as well as music production. Tarrant’s work is as rigid as it is pure and delicate, and she has hit milestone after milestone with the tracks off of her Honeymoon Phase EP, most notably with the tracks Honeymoon Phase and Here You Are, Again being played on this year’s Love Island.

Photo Credit: Indy Brewer

Honeymoon Phase

Melancholy introduces itself and transcends into a sonically complementing glitch. Emilia’s diary then opens, with her vocals pouring out nothing but bittersweet emotions in an overwhelmingly powerful manner. The ‘circles’ that Emilia moves in become more varied, running parallel to the growing disparity in her vocal pitch and intensity of underlying synth pads reflecting Tarrant’s discontent with the ‘honeymoon phase’ she is wound up within.

If Love Is A Gun

In Tarrant’s second release in the run up to the Honeymoon Phase EP, lyrical melancholy disguises itself in a mellow club hit. With a plethora of commanding and miscellaneous synths commanding a determined mindset, Emilia’s composition is a true art form, with her vocals (and lyrics) lying at the deliberate centre of each track. Her melodies (particularly) are beyond catchy, memorable, and perfectly crafted for the genre Emilia organically adopts.

Here You Are, Again

Instantly shrouded in another melancholic piano rhythm, with a sub that cruises beneath with such a significant depth, Emilia’s third single tells the story of returning mental health battles. Here You Are, Again is the song of the EP that demonstrates Emilia’s musicianship and craft in its perfect form. Her lyrical content guides every element of every beat in every bar, so much so that the story is told instrumentally and lyrically, doubling the impact of Emilia’s craft and impact of the mental health problems she has faced, and the return of those same problems.


The new EP features Emilia’s final, brand new song – September. Replacing Emilia’s well-established piano with a classical guitar, September views Emilia’s song writing from an alternative perspective. Guitar and vocals move in unison, with a beautiful flow of delicacy and retrospect. As Emilia’s lyrics originate and are utilised in a similar manner, her outstanding ability to weave unconventional elements into every song digs into a sub-category of each emotion, exploring familiar emotions in such a perceptive and intricate way. The impact of this EP makes a bigger impression than what these four songs would ‘typically’ be capable of doing.

Listen to Honeymoon Phase here.

Visit Emilia Tarrant’s website and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify and Apple Music.

Featured Image: Indy Brewer

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