EP REVIEW: TV People – Nothing More

Bringing an alternative sound to the Irish post-punk we’ve been lapping up for the past few years, TV People have been writing and releasing music with as much authenticity, but more directivity than your typical post-punk band. Last month, we featured TV People on our site, read our feature on the trio here.

Photo Credit: Nicholas O’Donnell

With TV People noticeably communicating their experiences and life in the Irish capital, the brand-new Nothing More EP debuts the digital release of the growlingly hard single Shallow Minds. Instantly combining the grotesquely sharp guitars and sketchy drums, the sound of Dublin embodies itself in an instrumentation of such bitterness. Although direct, TV People drag your ears into a sound that wraps your mind around every letter of every word ­– the true essence of TV People’s music is electrified by beautifully honest, but not always pretty, lyrics.

There is, however, so much more to TV People than their Irish heritage and musical alignment; their late 2020 single Kitchen Sinking draws reference to idioms in a crude manner, musically and lyrically. For TV People, the face-value nature of their music makes the Nothing More EP an addictively easy record to listen to. 

Earlier singles from the Nothing More EPString and Nothing More keep TV People in a very refined, but dauntingly chilling box, exhausting their sound with such an assertive, progressive style in each single.

Listen to Nothing More here.

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Featured Image: Nicholas O’Donnell

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