FAREBROTHER release video for new single ‘I’d Be the Worst’

Bath-born quartet Farebrother are one of the most ambitious alternative rock outfits the industry currently has to offer. ‘I’d Be the Worst’ is the latest release from them, following on from previous singlesA Little Late’ and ‘Rewind’.

From left to right: Michael Vowell (lead guitarist), Owen Stephens (bass guitar), Tom Hunt (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Matthew Day (drums).

‘I’d Be the Worst’ showcases the confident and anthemic soundscape present in Farebrother’s past releases. This time round, however, the quartet have concocted a more pop-based, perfect blend of raw, echoing lyricism and punching riffs following the time they spent developing their sound at legendary Rockfield Studios.

Frontman Tom Hunt uses this song as an opportunity to highlight his fascination with people’s fears in life and the thoughts that go through everyone’s minds which “shake them to the core”. The composition of ‘I’d Be the Worst’ is a small exploration into the fear and frustration that is so present with people never knowing what you’re thinking or what is exactly going through your head, however much you may want them to know.

Farebrother’s video for ‘I’d Be the Worst’

The video itself sees the band show off those infamous white 70s flares again, replicating the single’s artwork. Full of fun and playfulness, the group jump around on set with their instruments, visualising the bold and catchy side to the song. It is an enthralling video that will leave you with a smile on your face and the song stuck on repeat for days after.

Following the positive responses of ‘A Little Late’ and ‘Rewind’, it has the potential to follow suit and establish Farebrother’s mark on the scene. Having previously played with some of the industry’s most remarkable artists, such as The Amazons, Baby Strange and YVES, they are certainly building up their list of experience and becoming a known name within their musical sphere.

Their unique sound and ambitious efforts are certainly making a noise in the underground up-coming indie scene. With songs laced with rip-roaring riff and powerful vocals, their constructed sound is strong and loud enough to keep fans wanting more.

Listen to ‘I’d Be the Worst’ here

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