BLVFF release new ‘radio-friendly’ single ‘Crystal Ball’.

Still relatively new to the Midlands’ music scene, BLVFF (pronounced ‘Bluff’ for anyone unsure) have certainly started to rock up a storm, already receiving support from Amazing Radio and Fred Perry, alongside 40,000 organic Spotify streams on their debut single Where Did We Go Wrong’.


On the eve of Coombe Weekender, the collective dropped third single ‘Crystal Ball’ – arguably a step away from the bubblegum indie-pop we’ve been hearing a lot of this past summer. BLVFF pride themselves on their authenticity and raw sound, but after recruiting a synth player frontman, Michael Mccan admitted without shame that they wanted to try something a little more ‘radio-friendly’.

‘Crystal Ball’ sounds a lot ‘cleaner’ overall in comparison to their previous singles and is certainly ready for the airways, however those iconic dark, yet upbeat and familiar riffs haven’t disappeared. Its calm beginning suddenly builds into a catchy indie ballad, revolving around societies tendencies to self-sabotage in regards to love, better explained by Mccan himself; “The song looks at the recurring theme of people on the cusp of love who, for one reason or another, didn’t take that leap of faith. It also analyses the idea of hindsight and how due to our species not being able to see for sure what the future holds and thus self-sabotaging”.

Despite there being some sort of weird stigma around bands, especially indie bands admitting that they want to be, and changing their sound to be a little more ‘radio-friendly’ (as if you know, that wasn’t one of the prime ways of listening to music back in the day), BLVFF have done it perfectly, and as a new signing to label These Bloody Thieves they’ve got plenty more planned for the coming months.

“A calm before a perfect storm” indeed.


You can listen to ‘Crystal Ball’ here

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