FEATURE: Fuzzy Sun

A return like no other, Manchester four-piece Fuzzy Sun pick up where they left off last year with their brand new single Fake It.

Fuzzy Sun have a rare quality of being instantly recognisable. With fluorescent vocals, shimmering synths and fuzzy guitars, not a lot has changed from their debut EP – Warming Evening / Cold Morning – but their music has increasingly packed a bigger punch over the last few years. 

Photo Credit: Matthew Eachus (The Manc Photographer)

The brand-new single, Fake It, moulds all previously mentioned elements into a perfectly crafted return from a momentary hiatus. Lead singer, Kyle Ross, extends his range to pierce the ears of Fuzzy Sun’s listeners, with lyrics about discontentment, but having to “fake that smile” in the meantime. With a much more synthetic sound that before, Fuzzy Sun’s brief hiatus has enabled the four-piece to delve into areas that have resulted in their energy being racked up beyond audible belief: a raspy buzz from guitars accompanies vocal delays and falsetto choruses to drive the new release with a distinct lack, but appropriate use, of drums in the first half of the single.

Kyle explains how Fuzzy Sun “wanted to make an impact with the new single, [and push] a new creative direction for the band, as I think we have really found a sound that excites us and we feel comfortable with”. Note the track was recorded and produced by Fuzzy Sun themselves, with massive doses of technical creativity used in both stages, it is clear how Fake It is a perfect and complete example of Fuzzy Sun’s sound.

Fake It is the first instalment of the new EP from Fuzzy Sun, expected to be released later this year.

Visit Fuzzy Sun’s Official Website and follow them on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music.

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