Unconforming, ‘genre-blending’ Brighton-based, bi-national compromised, four-piece ĠENN (Jenn) today release their brand new single, Catalyst

Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

Swallowing comfort with disobedient guitars, rattling drums and an ice-cold projection, Catalyst falls into a significantly harder-rock style compared with previous singles Mackerel’s Funky Mission and Feel; frontwoman Leona Farrugia commands a discomforting yet powerful vocal from start to finish. Hushes, screams and outbursts move in a refreshingly alternative, rich instrumentation, communicating raw strength from the offset. Catalyst commentates on the fact that “change starts from within”, and to move forwards in the aftermath of historical and political events, to achieve this chanted noun: ‘revolution’; the need to change must be recognised and then acted upon with strength and devotion.

ĠENN, now all based in Brighton, came to form when vocalist, guitarist and bassist, Leona Farrugia, Janelle Borg and Leanne Zammit respectively came over to the UK from Malta. Drummer, Sofia Rosa Cooper, was the missing link to ĠENN

Cultivating their recent uprise in popularity and recognition, ĠENN have combined a plethora of flawless singles released this year with multiple landmark performances and livestreams to pave the way for the not-too-distant future. ĠENN are heading out on tour with TV Priest this Autumn, as well as playing at London’s cult Loud Women Festival next month.

Listen to Catalyst here

Visit ĠENN’s Website, and follow them on Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Featured image: Holly Whitaker

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