FEATURE: James Leonard Hewitson

James Leonard Hewitson is a multi-instrumentalist, who, on Thursday, released his latest single, Commercial Vibe in the run up to his EP set for release on the 29th July. His new EP was recorded at ‘QU A RR Y’ in Liverpool, a music venue/recording studio hybrid.

Having surged in his musicianship and acknowledgments in the past year, with the release of his debut album Only The Noise Will Save Me being a hidden gem in the indie-rock genre, and having won the ‘play EOTR’ competition last year, Hewitson has returned this year with a rawer, more critical sound. With some changes in the context in which he writes, most noticeably not having his drummer in the room with him, the result of James’ new work sees a noticeable shift into this post-punk style. On his latest single, his criticism is directed towards the capitalist greed of major companies and cooperation and their functioning throughout lockdown with a glitchy, lo-fi synth running throughout.

Photo Credit: Hollie Galloway

Hewitson’s solo work solidifies his knowledge and creativity in a way that is extremely impressive, given his background as a session trumpeter, James’ diversity in the genres he writes in, as well as the instruments he uses to compose in, is second-to-none. Although his trumpeting does not feature on current recordings, James has said he features his trumpeting on “some very, very recent recordings that [he’s] just started working on”, hinting at another possible style to come from James Leonard Hewitson

Listen to Commercial Vibe here.

James Leonard Hewitson is also playing a variety of tour dates this year, dates are as follows:

30/07 – South Durham Social Club, Hartlepool

08/08 – The Cluny, Newcastle

22/08 – Hardwick Festival, County Durham

26/08 – The Engine Room, North Shields

02/09 – End of The Road Festival, Dorset

08/09 – Old Cinema Launderette, Durham (w/ The Primitives)

09/10 – Twisterella, Teesside

22/10 – Head of Steam, Newcastle (w/ Ed The Dog)

Visit James Leonard Hewitson’s Official Website and follow him on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Apple Music.

Featured Image: Lily Henderson

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